This page is were you can donate to BitterSweet Photography to help them grow as a company. 100% of all donations will go towards equipment, wardrobe, props and other things to to be able to do more creative shoots. This will not be personal use money! You of course do not have to donate anything but if you do we now are providing little rewards to anyone that does ^_^
Thank you in advance to anyone who helps make our business grow.
$10 - $30

Get a Postcard with a personal thank you note

(each post card will have a different image so if you donate more than once you will get a different image on each card.....collect them all ^_^)

 $31 - $50

Get a Print 

(each print will be different....and can be signed by me if you like)

 $51 - $80

Calendar or 2 Prints

 $81 - $100

My Photo Book signed by Me


Well all I can say is you're awesome and I will send you a little thank you package.

Please email us at [email protected] with your name, address and email so we can send you your gift and to make sure we received your donation.